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School Children separating waste at school.

Isphepho Schools Separation at Source Programme

There is no recycling of waste in many South African schools, more visible in the townships and rural schools. Corporates, state organizations and Non-Profit Organizations that have partnered with Isphepho Group are already diverting tons of waste from landfill! Contact us for more information on how you can get involved in this exciting initiative!

Isphepho facilitate an exciting CAPS curriculum linked Separation at Source [S@S] educational programme that promote project-based learning and community service amongst children. We work with school educators to teach about waste management and separation of waste, taking better care of living spaces and the circular economy. Our programme is suitable for Foundation, Intermediate and Senior phase learners [Grade R – Grade 9], themed under the 4R principles, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose.

We are innovative, passionate, talented individuals that integrate exciting teaching methodologies on delivery.  Critical thinking, communication and leadership skills are some key learning outcomes for the schools that partner with us on this unique impactful programme. Should your organization partner with Isphepho on this programme, you will contribute to developing responsible citizens that are motivated environmental stewards. Get in touch with us as we travel the journey of getting many more schools in townships and rural areas to be environmentally responsible, to recycle their waste and to be more Eco-Friendly!

We provide progress and impact reports to our partners collated using our real-time digital app.

Isphepho Schools Greening Programme

Isphepho Schools Greening Programme is aimed at facilitating establishment of water-wise vegetable gardens for food and nutrition security.  The program provides the skills and knowledge to plan, establish, maintain, and extend vegetable gardens. It enables our learners to gain knowledge and understanding about the outdoor environment through farming while promoting green living. Beneficiaries learn about plant propagation, soil quality, planting, garden design and maintenance and much more. Why this project in schools? Because schools are hubs of inspiration whereby lessons learned can spread into home and broader communities.  Our greening project enhances understanding of the importance of land, plants, water conservation and environmental degradation. It enhances preparedness for responding adequately to the risks and uncertainties of food shortages.  We are working with schools in uMlazi and we are encouraged to expand our program, therefore, inviting organisations that may be interested in partnering with us on including more schools.

A Video Showcasing Isphepho Schools Separation At Source Programme

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