Isphepho Waste Management Services

Isphepho Buy-back Programme

In Umlazi and the surrounding communities, we now provide recycling collection services. We can pick up in a few Durban neighbourhoods because we are mobile; phone us or message us on WhatsApp to find out whether we can pick up in your neighbourhood. We take our time to find the best buyers for our material, so we always give recyclables the best pricing. Another recycling upliftment initiative that encourages social inclusion of our community in the circular economy is the Isphepho Buy-back programme. For the informal community collector individuals, cooperatives, and small enterprises, we facilitate and promote recycling.

Currently, we collect the following material:

  • PET
  • HDPE
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Shrink wrap plastic
  • LDPE 4 colour  
  • PP [plastic caps]

No matter if you are a seasoned recycler or a novice, there is opportunity for you to join our Buy-back programme. We will be happy to share our knowledge by providing free training on waste separation if you are a new recycler. Contact us and a member of our committed staff will help you. Alternatively, provide your information and we will contact you.

Eco-Events Coordinator Service

Coordinating eco-friendly events or clean up campaigns can be tedious and difficult to manage. There is a lot to do, from setting up promotional items, managing attendance registers and keeping the participants motivated and in high spirits.

If you are planning or organising a clean up campaign, ask yourself the following questions: Do you want your clean up campaign to include a separation at source/recycling station? Would you like someone to help setup and handle things like attendance registers? If you have answered yes, get in touch with us. We will help you recycle your clean up campaign waste. We will also provide a report with volumes of waste diverted from landfills. Contact Isphepho for a tailor-made package suitable for your organisation’s needs.

Isphepho Ambassadors NPO 259-716

Giving back is closest to our heart, we believe that we rise by lifting others. Isphepho Ambassadors NPO team actively organise and attend community clean up campaigns to mobilise community participation and to raise awareness on environmental issues and alternative solutions. We organise and facilitate FREE recycling and plastic identification training aimed to capacitate the public and to ignite love for recycling. Isphepho Group donates five percent of income in support of Isphepho Ambassadors NPO community upliftment initiatives. We invite you to also donate in support of these community uplifting programmes. We need your support to continue raising awareness and making a difference in the environment.

Should you wish to donate or to make a financial contribution, kindly use these banking details:

Account Holder: Isphepho Ambassadors NPO
Bank: First National BANK
Account Number: “62904356799”
Branch code: 250655

Recycling Services

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